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Time Zones and FIPS Codes for Counties in North Dakota

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 by — creator of Time Genie

Updated: Friday, March 11, 2016

Flag of North Dakota, United States

Flag of North Dakota.

This page provides information about time zones and FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) codes for each county in North Dakota.

For specific information about cities or towns in North Dakota, please visit the North Dakota cities page.

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Map of Counties in North Dakota

Map of counties in North Dakota, United States
A map of counties in North Dakota. You can also download this map in PDF format.

Time Zones and FIPS Codes for North Dakota

The following cities or towns are located in more than 1 county:

Enderlin: Ransom County, Cass County

Grandin: Cass County, Traill County

Sarles: Cavalier County, Towner County

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County FIPS Time Zone Cities / Towns
Adams County 38001 Mountain Hettinger, Reeder
Barnes County 38003 Central Valley City
Benson County 38005 Central Maddock
Billings County 38007 Mountain Medora
Bottineau County 38009 Central Antler, Carbury, Lansford, Westhope
Bowman County 38011 Mountain Bowman, Gascoyne
Burke County 38013 Central Northgate, Portal
Burleigh County 38015 Central Bismarck
Cass County 38017 Central Casselton, Enderlin, Fargo, Grandin, Horace, Kindred, Mapleton, West Fargo
Cavalier County 38019 Central Hannah, Langdon, Maida, Sarles
Dickey County 38021 Central Fullerton
Divide County 38023 Central Ambrose, Crosby, Fortuna, Noonan
Dunn County 38025 Central Manning
Dunn County 38025 Mountain Dunn Center
Foster County 38031 Central Carrington
Golden Valley County 38033 Mountain Beach
Grand Forks County 38035 Central Grand Forks, Larimore
Grant County 38037 Mountain Elgin
Griggs County 38039 Central Cooperstown
Hettinger County 38041 Mountain Regent
Kidder County 38043 Central Tappen
McHenry County 38049 Central Anamoose, Velva
McIntosh County 38051 Central Ashley, Wishek, Zeeland
McKenzie County 38053 Central Watford City
McKenzie County 38053 Mountain Grassy Butte
McLean County 38055 Central Benedict, Turtle Lake, Underwood
Mercer County 38057 Central Beulah, Hazen
Morton County 38059 Central Glen Ullin, Hebron, Mandan, New Salem
Nelson County 38063 Central Lakota
Oliver County 38065 Central Center
Pembina County 38067 Central Neche, Pembina, Walhalla
Pierce County 38069 Central Rugby
Ramsey County 38071 Central Devils Lake
Ransom County 38073 Central Enderlin, Lisbon
Renville County 38075 Central Sherwood
Richland County 38077 Central Dwight, Fairmount, Wahpeton
Rolette County 38079 Central Belcourt, Dunseith, Rolla, St. John
Sargent County 38081 Central Gwinner
Sheridan County 38083 Central Denhoff
Sioux County 38085 Central Fort Yates
Sioux County 38085 Mountain Menz
Slope County 38087 Mountain Marmarth
Stark County 38089 Mountain Belfield, Dickinson, South Heart
Steele County 38091 Central Finley, Hope
Stutsman County 38093 Central Jamestown
Towner County 38095 Central Cando, Hansboro, Sarles
Traill County 38097 Central Buxton, Grandin, Hatton, Mayville
Walsh County 38099 Central Grafton, Minto
Ward County 38101 Central Minot
Wells County 38103 Central Fessenden, Harvey
Williams County 38105 Central Ray, Tioga, Williston
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