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Time Zones and County Information for Cities in Hawaii

Saturday, September 21, 2013 by — creator of Time Genie

Updated: Friday, March 11, 2016

Flag of Hawaii, United States

Flag of Hawaii.

This page provides information about what time zone a city in Hawaii belongs to as well as the county it is located in.

For information about counties in Hawaii, please visit the Hawaii counties page.

For information about latitude and longitude co-ordinates for cities and towns in Hawaii, please visit the Hawaii latitude and longitude page.

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Map of Counties in Hawaii

Map of counties in Hawaii, United States
A map of counties in Hawaii. You can also download this map in PDF format.

Time Zones and Counties for Cities in Hawaii

Please note: Standard Time is the time zone used in the winter. Daylight Saving Time is the time zone used in the summer.

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City Name County Standard Time Daylight Saving Time
Aiea Honolulu GMT -10
Eleele Kauai GMT -10
Ewa Beach Honolulu GMT -10
French Frigate Shoals Honolulu GMT -11
Gardner Pinnacles Honolulu GMT -11
Haiku Maui GMT -10
Hana Maui GMT -10
Hanapepe Kauai GMT -10
Hawi Hawaii GMT -10
Hilo Hawaii GMT -10
Ho’olehua Maui GMT -10
Honolulu Honolulu GMT -10
Ka‘ula Kauai GMT -10
Kahoolawe Maui GMT -10
Kahului Maui GMT -10
Kailua Honolulu GMT -10
Kailua – Kona Hawaii GMT -10
Kalaeloa Honolulu GMT -10
Kalaupapa Kalawao GMT -10
Kamuela – Waimea Hawaii GMT -10
Kāneʻohe Bay Honolulu GMT -10
Kapaʻa Kauai GMT -10
Kapalua Maui GMT -10
Kapolei Honolulu GMT -10
Kaunakakai Maui GMT -10
Kawaihae Hawaii GMT -10
Kealakekua Hawaii GMT -10
Kekaha Kauai GMT -10
Kihei Maui GMT -10
Kure Atoll Honolulu GMT -11
Lahaina Maui GMT -10
Lanai City Maui GMT -10
Laysan Island Honolulu GMT -11
Lihue Kauai GMT -10
Lisianski Island Honolulu GMT -11
Maro Reef Honolulu GMT -11
Mililani Honolulu GMT -10
Necker Island Honolulu GMT -10
Nihoa Island Honolulu GMT -10
Niihau Island Kauai GMT -10
Pearl and Hermes Atoll Honolulu GMT -11
Pearl City Honolulu GMT -10
Pearl Harbor Honolulu GMT -10
Port Allen Kauai GMT -10
Tern Island Honolulu GMT -11
Wahiawā Honolulu GMT -10
Waikoloa Village Hawaii GMT -10
Wailuku Maui GMT -10
Waimānalo Honolulu GMT -10
Waimea Kauai GMT -10
Waipahu Honolulu GMT -10
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