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Time Zones and County Information for Cities in Delaware

Friday, November 1, 2013 by — creator of Time Genie

Updated: Friday, March 11, 2016

Flag of Delaware, United States

Flag of Delaware.

This page provides information about what time zone a city in Delaware belongs to as well as the county it is located in.

For information about counties in Delaware, please visit the Delaware counties page.

For information about latitude and longitude co-ordinates for cities and towns in Delaware, please visit the Delaware latitude and longitude page.

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Map of Counties in Delaware

Map of counties in Delaware, United States
A map of counties in Delaware. You can also download this map in PDF format.

Time Zone and Counties for Cities in Delaware

Please note: Standard Time is the time zone used in the winter. Daylight Saving Time is the time zone used in the summer.

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City Name County 1 County 2 Standard Time Daylight Saving Time
Bear New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
Bethany Beach Sussex GMT -5 GMT -4
Bridgeville Sussex GMT -5 GMT -4
Camden Kent GMT -5 GMT -4
Cheswold Kent GMT -5 GMT -4
Christiana New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
Claymont New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
Clayton Kent New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
Delaware City New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
Delmar Sussex GMT -5 GMT -4
Dover Kent GMT -5 GMT -4
Edgemoor New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
Elsmere New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
Frankford Sussex GMT -5 GMT -4
Frederica Kent GMT -5 GMT -4
Georgetown Sussex GMT -5 GMT -4
Glasgow New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
Greenville New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
Greenwood Sussex GMT -5 GMT -4
Harbeson Sussex GMT -5 GMT -4
Harrington Kent GMT -5 GMT -4
Hartly Kent GMT -5 GMT -4
Hockessin New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
Laurel Sussex GMT -5 GMT -4
Lewes Sussex GMT -5 GMT -4
Marshallton New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
Middletown New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
Milford Kent Sussex GMT -5 GMT -4
Millsboro Sussex GMT -5 GMT -4
Milton Sussex GMT -5 GMT -4
New Castle New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
Newark New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
Newport New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
Ocean View Sussex GMT -5 GMT -4
Odessa New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
Rehoboth Beach Sussex GMT -5 GMT -4
Seaford Sussex GMT -5 GMT -4
Selbyville Sussex GMT -5 GMT -4
Smyrna Kent New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
Townsend New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
Wilmington New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
Winterthur New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
Woodside Kent GMT -5 GMT -4
Wyoming Kent GMT -5 GMT -4
Yorklyn New Castle GMT -5 GMT -4
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