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Time Genie's Encyclopedia

Saturday, August 31, 2013 by — creator of Time Genie

Updated: Friday, March 11, 2016

Time Genie's Encyclopedia is a helpful guide that provides comprehensive information and answers in an easy to understand and sometimes slightly humorous manner.

Although Time Genie's Encyclopedia main emphasis is to act as a resource for time and date information, you will find helpful tutorials, guides, translations and other information.



Countries and Continents

Daylight Saving Time (DST)

Provinces (Canada)

* Indicates provinces with multiple time zones

States (USA)

* Indicates states with multiple time zones
† Indicates states with an unofficial time zone


Simplified and traditional Chinese translations for cities:

Hindi translations for cities:

Japanese translations for cities:

Korean translations for cities:

Russian translations for cities:

Image Licenses

Most images used in Time Genie's Encyclopedia are public domain images.

Examples of public domain images include:

✔ Maps created by nationalatlas.gov including any nationalatlas.gov PDF file.

✔ Flags and emblems.

✔ Pictures with no mention of copyright in the caption.

Images that are copyrighted and may not be used include:

✗ Maps created by Time Genie. You will notice the words copyright Time Genie in the image caption below the map. These maps may not be used.

Time Genie icons are also owned by Time Genie and may not be used. Time Genie icons use Time Genie colors that are pinkish in color.

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