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North Pole
Daylight Saving Time (DST) News

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 by — creator of Time Genie

Updated: Friday, May 25, 2012

North Pole — Daylight Saving Time (DST)Time Genie provides you with news and udpdates about daylight saving time (DST) and/or time zone changes at the North Pole.

Although there is a lot of speculating and/or talk about changes to daylight saving time (DST) schedules or time zone changes, at Time Genie, we focus primarily on news that is confirmed to happen or has already happened. In some situations, when warranted, Time Genie may provide news about changes that may happen when the information is newsworthy.

To get your news and information about daylight saving time (DST) for and about the North Pole, simply keep reading:

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Santa Claus Abolished DST, Changes Time Zone!

Date: 2012-05-25


The North PoleIn a stunning move, Santa Claus has not only abolished daylight saving time at the North Pole but is changing the time zone too!

In a Time Genie exclusive interview, Santa Claus talks candidly about his decisions, how it will impact the delivery of presents around the world and how it will make the lives of his elves, reindeer and other members of his staff healthier and happier.

A brief history:

Since January 1, 2000, the North Pole has used two time zones. From December 1 to January 1, the North Pole used the GMT +13 time zone. This was known as Santa Claus Delivery Time. For the rest of the year GMT +12 was used.

Santa Claus chose these time zones to be in harmony with time in New Zealand.

More recently Santa Claus has realized that individuals in parts of Kiribati, Tokelau and now Samoa were getting their presents 1 hour late since all of these locations are in the GMT +14 time zone during Christmas.

Delivering presents one hour late simply did not live up to standards that Santa Claus has established over the years.

Additionally, Kiritimati, one of the Line Islands, is also known as Christmas Island. In the Gilbertese language, Kiritimati is essentially a respelling of Christmas in which the ti is pronounced like an s — thus Kiritimati is like saying Kirismas.

Since individuals were getting their Christmas presents one hour late and since there is an island called Christmas Island, Santa Claus thought it was simply fitting to officially change to the GMT +14 time zone.

Santa Claus also admitted that on December 1, when Santa Claus Delivery Time came into effect, many reindeer were having accidents due to 1 hour loss of sleep. Other reindeers were crash landing due to changes in light conditions. Some crashes left antlers broken. Since the antlers are now used as GPS antennas, any damage to the antennas required quick repairs as Christmas would be arriving soon. Without properly working GPS antennas, Santa Claus feared that some children would be missed and worst of all — as Santa Claus secretly admits — a missed home also means missed cookies and milk!

In addition to the broken antlers, elves had problems with the change to Santa Claus Delivery Time also. Since they are not tall enough to change the clocks on the walls, they constantly saw the wrong time.

Mrs. Claus reportedly did not like the fact that changing to Santa Claus Delivery Time caused her to miss a few manicure appointments over the years.

For Santa Claus the decision to switch to the GMT +14 time zone was ultimately a business decision. He could no longer afford the delays caused from having reindeer needing repairs. Santa Claus also got tired of the joke how many elves does it take to change the clocks?.

Other benefits include allowing Kris Kringle, Santa's official spokesperson, to hold live news conferences and updates for each time zone as Christmas arrives via Skype, Yahoo IM, Facebook and other methods of communications.

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, president of the Reindeer and Elves Union of Employees has stated that he, all of the reindeer and elves fully support this change and are willing to make changes to their collective bargaining agreement to ensure there are no issues nor delays at Christmas — Time Genie can't help but wonder... if only professional athletes and their owners could work together so well, then sports fans would never suffer again.

DST Schedules

Santa Claus Delivery Time

Date: 2000-01-01


The North PoleThe North Pole has, for the longest time, used Greenwich Meantime as its official time zone.

However, this all changed on January 1, 2000. On this day, Santa Claus officially changed to the GMT +12 time zone.

In Santa's official press release to Time Genie, he stated numerous reasons for this change in time zone.

Santa Claus, along with Mrs. Claus, the elves and of course the reindeer, all decided that increasing pressures and competition from overnight delivery companies were hampering their ability to be the first to deliver gifts throughout the world on Christmas Day.

As a result, after much debate and discussion, Santa Claus and crew decided that in order to stay ahead and to be first, it would be best to be 12 hours ahead of Greenwich Meantime. This was done to ensure Santa Claus and his trusty reindeer would be in sync with the countries that were located in the first time zone west of the International Date Line.

Additionally, in another shocking and stunning move, Santa Claus took drastic action and has implemented what he describes as Santa Claus Delivery Time. This is similar to daylight saving time in that the North Pole where Santa Claus lives will now jump 1 hour ahead from December 1 to January 1 of each year.

Chris Kringle, Santa's official spokesperson told Time Genie in a recent telephone interview, that Santa Claus Delivery Time was implemented as some countries in the southern hemisphere, such as New Zealand, observe daylight saving time at the time of Christmas delivery. This in turn means that New Zealand is GMT +13 on Christmas Day. By implementing Santa Claus Delivery Time, the North Pole will also be GMT +13 on Christmas day. This move, according to Chris Kringle, was strategically done in order to have a competitive advantage over the express delivery companies.

The North Pole has two time zones.

Santa Claus Standard Time (SCST) is from January 2 to November 30 of each year. Santa Claus Standard Time is the same as the GMT +12 time zone.

Santa Claus Delivery Time (SCDT) is from December 1 to January 1 of each year. Santa Claus Delivery Time is the as the GMT +13 time zone.

Time Genie wishes to thank Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer for the delivery of Santa's press release to us.

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